Our Admissions Process

NCDA caters to students from all walks of life, from recent high school graduates to the recently retired. Whether you have never acted before or you have been performing since you were a child, NCDA provides the training and guidance needed to take the step into the world of professional acting.

How To Apply

Step One
Visit us by scheduling an individual appointment or join us for a scheduled open house.

Step Two
Complete the application for admission that you'll receive once you visit. You will need to provide an official high school transcript (undergraduate and graduate transcripts are acceptable).

Step Three
Participate in an audition workshop with a faculty member.

We will:

  • Provide a monologue for you to memorize
  • Schedule your workshop

You will:

  • Spend approximately 30 minutes working on the monologue with a faculty member. We get to see you at work, and you get a feel for training with us.

​​Previous acting experience is not required for admission. All we ask for is passion, some nerve, and a willingness to work hard.