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Shows created by or with the help of Crash of Rhinos. Please contact us for scripts and rights.

Divine Fiona by Doug Wilder

Fiona has an attachment disorder - she falls hopelessly in love with everyone she dates, even when they cheat and treat her badly. Today she wakes to find that she made a booty call to the smarmy Stan, but escapes just in time to find two strangers in her room claiming to be angles with the answer to why she's been cursed with this affliction: she's God.

For 9 actors (some doubling)

Belle and the Beasties by Doug Wilder

The kiss didn't work. The Beast didn't change. In desperation he has run through the magic mirror to the Land of the Beasts. Can Belle return the Beast to the human world, or will he succumb to his cruel and savage nature?

For up to 10 actors.

The Good Devil in Spite of Himself by Mario Baldessari

The time is the 17th century. Or thereabouts. The place is France. Or thereabouts. Specifically, the stage of a nomadic theatre troupe in a village square. Or thereabouts. This play, by Mario Baldessari and Tyler Herman is a rambunctious, ribald farce about a troupe of com media dell'arte players who are bedeviled by a sovereign censor and Mephistopheles himself. 

For 3 actors

Turandot adapted by Doug Wilder

Based on the same myth as the famous opera, this comical rendition tells the story of Cal, an exiled prince who longs to marry his true love, the beautiful princess Turdandot. But first he must correctly solve three riddles, or it's off with his head. Full of action, laughter, shameless characters, and even magic, this dysfunctional fairy tale puts a whole new spin on happily ever after.

For up to 10 actors

Sacred Cows by Mario Baldessari

An irreverent comedy that skewers religion and takes audience to Heaven, Hell, and all points in between. 

For 2 actors